UpCast Me!

Upload from Google Drive™ or Dropbox™, record live, or import an entire online podcast!

Upscale your podcasting by delegating tasks, syncing to a spreadsheet, and advanced analytics.

Upstage other podcasts with standard intros & outros, podcast images, and social media links.

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Link to cloud storage

You can upload files or just keep them on Google Drive™ or Dropbox™ and link to them there. Downloads from your podcast will be auto-redirected, even from iTunes™.

Import a whole podcast

Paste a podcast link. It's that easy. We'll import all the episodes, images, and files.

Sync to a spreadsheet

Create and schedule your content in bulk on a Google Doc™ or CSV file and we'll sync to it daily. We'll even update the tags in your mp3 files!

Give out upload access

Send your assistant a link to upload podcast episodes without logging in. Be notified when it's done, or reminded if it's late!

Record podcasts live

It's as simple as hitting record in your web-browser - no external app required! Your recording is converted to MP3 and then uploaded.

WordPress™ plugin

Drop your podcast straight onto a page, post, or sidebar on your website with our UpCast plugin. Easily select columns, headings and thumbnails to display.

Advanced analytics

By Region

Target your podcast content by viewing heatmaps of your biggest download regions and statistics by country.

By Agent

Balance your advertising spend by knowing what software your users are on and where they access your content.

By Day & Time

Schedule your releases intelligently by seeing when and how often your users access your podcasts.

Append intros & outros

Upload an mp3 intro or outro, or an image, and we'll embed it in new and existing episodes. Apply them globally, to a podcast, or a specific series.

Automatic conversions

Upload your images at any size - we'll create the thumbnails. Upload a wav and we'll convert it to mp3. Upload an mp3 and we'll extract the embedded image!

Post to social media

Connect to Facebook™, Twitter™ or WordPress™ and schedule a time for your latest episodes to be posted to your feed or a page or blog you manage.

Track your mentions

We'll keep track of your posts and record the number of likes, shares, retweets and favourites. Analytics can show you Facebook downloads vs other sources.

And many other features...

iTunes integration: your podcasts have all the meta-data for displaying well in iTunes, including images.

Podcast anything: you can podcast audio, video, PDF's, HTML, or just plain text. Generate a schedule of social media posts, WordPress™ articles, or anything else that uses RSS!

Host an album: your podcast and each episode have their own page to share links and browse past episodes.

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